Why use bloodwork?

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Why do you recommend blood work on my pet?

Many people ask why pre-anesthetic blood work is recommended at LVCC for all of the animals who undergo anesthesia. Blood tests, such as a Complete Blood Count (CBC) or a Blood Chemistry Profile (CHEM) tell us about the function of the body’s internal organs, the infection level, and the hydration status. If we can determine a disease or difficulty before we start anesthesia, we can anticipate problems and are more likely to have a positive, healthy outcome for patients who undergo anesthesia, making the procedure safer for your pet.


Aren’t all puppies and kittens healthy?

 True, most healthy, young dogs and cats will undergo surgery and have no complications. However, there are some diseases that are nearly impossible to diagnose in a young, small animal without the help of blood work (for example: patients with birth defects like a porto-systemic shunt).

If 99% of our patients have no abnormalities, but you are the owner of that 1% puppy or kitten, it surely will not seem like a rare event to you! Therefore, we recommend blood work for all of our patients who undergo anesthesia, regardless of age.


Do I have to do pre-anesthetic blood work?

No. This is optional, but recommended. You are welcome to opt out of pre-anesthetic blood work at check-in time for a surgery or dental procedure.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”- Benjamin Franklin