What's So Cool About DIGITAL X-RAYS???

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Lindquist Veterinary Care Center in Kirksville suffered a sad loss the week of June 23, 2014. Sadly, our faithful X-ray processor broke and could not be salvaged.

Through this tragedy, the clinic was able to embark upon a new era of therapeutic imaging. We are proud to offer Digital X-Rays as well as Dental Radiology!

This means higher quality imaging, and the ability to easily forward images to referral hospitals or to the University of Missouri Columbia, College of Veterinary Medicine. Images will also be available to purchase on CD for owners who wish to keep their pet's radiographic images for their own personal pet health records.

We are proud to also offer DENTAL X-RAYS. Dental radiology will enable us to raise the standard of care for dental patients in Northeast Missouri! Want to know if a tooth REALLY needs to be extracted? We'll look for abscesses, vertical or horizontal bone loss around the roots or evidence of pulp cavity abnormalities. Are you curious about your pets teeth above and BELOW the gumline? Call us to schedule Dental X-rays for your pet.