What is Convenia?

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What is Convenia (cefovecin sodium)?


Convenia is an antibiotic made by Pfizer that is both injectable and long-lasting (usually lasts 7-10 and up to 14 days). Knowing how many of our patients (and owners too!) may dislike taking medication by mouth once to three-times daily, we use this new medicine to make home care easier after discharge. If your pet’s entire course of anti-biotic medicine is administered at the veterinary clinic, owners and their pets have one less chore at home!


 Convenia is an excellent medication that our doctors use frequently on patients who are difficult to medicate. For many of our smaller dog and cat patients (those 8 lbs or less), Convenia is quite cost-effective too!  


Our doctors may utilize Convenia on your pet if:

1.      the procedure/disease is one that warrants this type of antibiotic

2.      A challenge to medicate

3.      it is both a judicious and cost-effective form of treatment for your pet.

Check out Pfizer's website on Convenia: