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Welcome to Lindquist Veterinary Care Center! We have clinics in both Kirksville and Edina, Missouri. LVCC sees patients 6 days a week in both locations!

Kirksville 660-665-2719

Edina: 660-397-2570

Please enjoy a brief tour of our clinic.

Here is our welcoming sign at our Edina, Missouri practice. Conveniently located right off of Hwy 6, just west of Edina. You can see this sign lit up all night long. Did we mention that we have 24 hour emergency service?

Front Desk, Kirksville

Check in with our receptionist! Please weigh your pet on our scale and have a seat in our waiting room. As a medical facility, our patients are weighed each time they present to the clinic. Have a shy puppy? Come in just to say "hi," sit on the scale, visit the staff and receive a treat.  

We sell a wide variety of prescription medications and non-prescription medications and pet foods.

  • Frontline plus and Frontline Spray
  • Nexgard
  • Heartgard for dogs
  • Revolution Plus for cats
  • Feliway and Adaptil products
  • Hills prescription diets
  • Hills science diets
  • Royal Canin prescription diets
  • Greenies pill pockets
  • Dental aids for cats and dogs
  • Have a pet tag engraved and personalized while you wait
  • Pet treats, toys, and Lupine leashes/collars
  • Pet odor eliminating candles and room sprays (check out the seasonal scents!)

Have a seat!

Welcome to Edina's comfortable waiting room. 

After getting an accurate weight your pet, have a seat or be ushered to an exam room.

We are proud to offer premium dog and cat food as well as prescription diets, available only through a veterinarian. 

Questions about nutrition? Make an appointment with an LVCC doctor to make sure your pet is receiving the essential care and nutrition it needs!

Exam room, Kirksville

Welcome to one of our exam rooms. Here your pets receive a thorough physical examination. This is the first step to ensuring the healthy life of your furry friend.

 Pet health experts recommend physical examinations every 6 months. 

Remember, pets are not able to tell us when they're feeling sick. Regular physical examinations help locate problems or prevent them before our pets get sick!

Treatment Area, Kirksville

Dr. Jenny Lindquist and Christina prepare to use our "wet table" for the next patient.

Here, we are able to collect testing samples in a safe environment. Frequently we use this area for brief or messy procedures. Often times, pets are brought to our wet table to help maintain a clean environment and for better lighting as well!

In-House Laboratory, Edina

Being in rural Northeast Missouri offers LVCC the opportunity to provide an animal-specific, in-house laboratory for our patients. 

Kirksville and Edina offers in-house bloodwork and diagnostics which help our doctors confirm diagnoses so that your animals may have the most appropriate care when they are sick.  Most of our tests can be performed with results in less than 15 minutes. 

Pharmacy, Kirksville

A well stocked pharmacy aids a busy hospital.

 Lindquist Veterinary Care Center prides itself in a pharmacy that has medications available for our furry patients when they need it. 

Radiology (x-ray) suite

Monty prepares for radiographs (x-ray films) on our radiology table. Lindquist Veterinary Care Center boasts both radiology for animals large and small, as well as ultrasound examinations for small animals in our Kirksville clinic. 

Large animal ultrasound examinations for horse and cattle pregnancy diagnosis are performed in our Edina facility or on the farm!

Surgical Suite (Edina clinic)

Both our Kirksville and Edina clinics are outfitted with a surgical suite. 

Here we perform surgeries on our patients, whether routine or emergency. 

Radiology Suite 2

Dr. Lindquist examines a radiograph in the radiology suite. Radiology allows our doctors specific imaging to diagnose hard and soft tissue abnormalities.

Dog Boarding in Edina

While our doggy friends favorite spot is at home with you, both our Edina and Kirksville clinics offer boarding year-round. Both clinics have larger runs as well as smaller kennels for a wide variety dogs vacationing with us!

Call us today to schedule your pup's suite! Availability may vary depending upon the season. 

  • Please note: holidays and school vacation times fill up early! If you are unable to procure a spot in your nearest LVCC location, please consider calling both clinics for boarding with our veterinary professionals!

The Sunroom! (Feline boarding in Edina)

Lindquist Veterinary Care Center boasts separate boarding rooms for our canine and feline patients/boarders!

 Here, we see the Sunroom in Edina, where our feline friends have the option of sitting in the sunshine (with a variety of shelves for optimal kitty exploration for our curious friends!) or sitting in a shaded region.

Call us today to reserve your feline friend's boarding spot in Edina or Kirksville!

Exercise Yard, LVCC Edina

Both of our boarding facilities have safe areas for our canine friends to exercise and relieve themselves outside. 

Our Kirksville facility has a large, fenced, grass yard where our staff walks our boarding friends twice daily.

Our Edina facility has a large gravel run (pictured) where dogs can safely run and relieve themselves and enjoy the outdoors three times daily. 

If you cannot be at home with your doggy family friends, offer them the safety of boarding at a veterinary facility, such as LVCC Kirksville or LVCC Edina

Equine Chute, Edina

Here is our portable equine (horse) chute. In this photo, Dr. Lindquist and staff are ultrasounding a mare to confirm breeding and give an estimated date of delivery for the foal. 

Our portable chute allows for the safe, efficient treatment of many equine injuries, dentals (floating), ultrasound examination, rectal palpation, or other medical procedures. These can occur on the farm or haul-in to our Edina clinic.

Dr. Lindquist in her office

Dr. Jenny Lindquist attends to patient documents in her office.

At LVCC, our doctors have an extensive library and resources for up to date treatment of all our furry friends.

Digital Radiology

LVCC added Digital and Dental radiology to our practice; this allows us to better evaluate and diagnose any abnormalities in both hard and soft tissues.

Class IV Cold Laser Therapy

Lindquist Veterinary Care added a Class IV "Cold Laser" Companion Laser Therapy unit to our practice in 2015. This technology helps decrease inflammation, speed healing time, and increases comfort for a wide variety of disease processes for cats, dogs, horses, and other species!
At LVCC we use our Companion Laser for the following:

  • IVDD (intervertebral disc disease)
  • DJD (degenerative joint disease)/Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic Otitis
  • Skin injury
  • Post-operative pain reduction
  • Post-Dental surgery pain reduction
  • FLUTD/ chronic cystitis in feline patients
  • GI disease patients
  • and many more! If you have an animal friend and are wondering if laser therapy treatment is right for them, please ask our knowledgeable staff!

Feline Care TOO!

At LVCC, we understand that cats make up a special part of our patient population! We utilize Feliway pheremone products in our cat exam room and our cat kennel area. Making our practice Feline Friendly is an important part of caring for an often under-appreciated population of important patients! Cats are both predator and prey, so they are masters of hiding diseases.

We offer Feline Leukemia, FIV, Heartworm testing in-house. We also utilize IDEXX's SDMA testing to search for early warnings of kidney disease, thyroid testing, and screening for other infectious diseases.

Dental Unit

LVCC has a special interest in the #1 infectious disease in the world: PERIODONTAL DISEASE. 
Pets need dental care too and LVCC is uniquely able to serve our patients with 
  • High Speed Dental Unit
  • Diamond-head burr system
  • Dental Radiology
  • Staff educated with Continuing Education from leading veterinary dentists to explain and help you learn more about your pet's dental needs.(Pictured: Liz scales a patient's teeth prior to dental radiology.)