Christmas Is Coming

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At Christmas, we all love to give and receive gifts.  Your furry friends also enjoy this time of year.  When giving gifts to friends and family, be aware of whether or not they have pets at home and what kinds they have.  If you give sweets, alcohol, or fragile items, be sure to tell the receiver to keep away from pets!  A simple notation on the tag can give enough information without giving away the surprise!  A trip to the vet for eating the chocolates and the wrapping, is no fun for anyone.
If you are looking for gifts just for the fur babies, look for quality above quantity! A well made chew toy or scratching area can make all the difference!  Poor quality toys can allow for choking hazards way too fast, or can splinter apart without notice. These simple tips will insure you and your pets have the happiest of holidays and that you give only love for the season!   
Blessings to you and yours and hopes for the brightest of new years!!